Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that have not been addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact a TI Players Club Representative or a Marketing Executive and they will be happy to answer your questions.


I used to have a card with MGM MIRAGE, will my MGM MIRAGE (MGMM) Players Card continue to work at Treasure Island?

No. You will need to get a new Treasure Island Players Club card from the TI Players Club.

Why do I have the same Players Club number as MGMM.

If you had an existing MGMM account with play at TI then your number will remain the same, but you will need to be issued a new TI Players Club card.

How are POINTPlay® and FREEPLAY® earned?

For every $1.50 played on reels and $4.50 played on video poker and $15.00 in select video poker machines you will earn one point. One point is still worth 1 penny of POINTPlay. FREEPLAY® is now called FREE SLOT PLAY at Treasure Island.


FREE SLOT PLAY rewards players with free slot play on their TI Players Club card for use in participating slot machines.

Does FREE SLOT PLAY expire?

Yes. FREE SLOT PLAY redeemed from POINTPlay expires 18 months from the date it was issued. FREE SLOT PLAY offered in conjunction with a special promotion may expire depending on the offer, please pay attention to the valid dates listed on any promotional offers you receive so you won't miss out on any FREE SLOT PLAY.

What is POINTPlay?

POINTPlay gives you more of what you like best, FREE SLOT PLAY for your slot play (1,000 points = $10 in FREE SLOT PLAY). Redeem slot points from your favorite games when and where you want without waiting in line.

Will my PIN number remain the same?

Yes. If you have already established a PIN your number will remain the same. If you have not established a PIN, visit the TI Players Club where a representative will help you to select a secure, four-digit Personal Identification Number or "PIN" for your TI Players Club account. A representative will also show you how to manage your account at the game using the game's keypad and TI Players Club menu options. To preserve the security of your TI Players Club account, never share your PIN with others.

What if I forget my PIN??

Visit the TI Players Club where a representative will help you select a new PIN. Your new PIN will have no effect on existing POINTPlay or FREE SLOT PLAY balances.

How do I earn points and comps?

You earn points based on your slot play and comps based on both your slot and table games play.

Do I earn points for table games play?

No. You do not earn points for table games play; however, you are eligible to earn comps based on table games play.

Is there a minimum betting requirement to be rated for table games?

Yes. A minimum average bet of $15 is required to be rated for table games play.

How do linked accounts work?

Two players with the same address may link individual TI Players Club accounts to share their point and comp balances. Both players must visit the TI Players Club and show picture ID to link accounts. The TI Players Club maintains separate account numbers and account histories for every member.

How can I unlink my account from another player?

Either linked player may visit the TI Players Club to request that his or her account be unlinked.

I forgot my TI Players Club account number, where can I get a new one?

Call 800.944.3777 to obtain your TI Players Club account number. For security reasons, we are unable to email your account number to you.

Where can I get my Players Club card?

Visit the TI Players Club during your next visit to Treasure Island to receive your TI Players Club card. We cannot mail your card to you or leave it at the Front Desk.

How can I update my contact information?

You are able to update your address and phone number on-line through your tiplayersclub.com account or by calling TI Casino Marketing at 800.944.3777.

Can I change my communication preferences?

You are able to update your communication preferences on-line through your tiplayersclub.com account or by calling TI Casino Marketing at 800.944.3777.

How can I check my point balance?

You may check your point balance by activating your players club account online. For assistance call TI Casino Marketing at 800.944.3777.

I think I had a host at one time. How can I contact him or her?

Call TI Casino Marketing at 800.944.3777 and a representative can put you in contact with your host.

How can I learn about promotions and events for which I am eligible?

The easiest way to view and promotions or events you currently qualify for is by checking your account on tiplayersclub.com. You may also call Casino Marketing at 800.944.3777 to inquire about your available offers.

How can I qualify for a casino rate?

Visit the TI Players Club or speak with your host at the end of your stay to find out if you are eligible for a casino rate. You may also call TI Casino Marketing at 800.944.3777 to determine if your past play has qualified you for a casino rate for an upcoming reservation.

How can I find information about tickets and show times?

Call Show Reservations at 702.894.7722 or go to www.treasureisland.com to obtain information about tickets and show times.

When I log into my account, I am not able to select a year. Why can't I access my Win/Loss Statements?

When creating your account or logging into your account, please do not log in using the zeros before your account number. Your Players Card number begins with 1 through 9. Once you log in using the card number, click the 'Annual Statements" tab, then click the drop down and the years available will appear. If you are still unable to access your Win/Loss Statements, contact TI Casino Marketing at 800.944.3777.


How do I earn points for Treasure Chest?

You will earn 1 treasure chest point for every slot point you earn. There is no need to enroll. Your points will accrue automatically. The earning period is year-round.

Do Treasure Chest Points Expire?

There is no set expiration period for Treasure Chest points. Points will only expire after 18 consecutive months with no gaming activity.

What are Treasure Chest points good for?

Treasure Chest points are redeemable for thousands of products ranging from electronics to kitchenware from all of your favorite brands. Your points can also be redeemed for FREE SLOT PLAY.

How much FREE SLOT PLAY can be redeemed for Treasure Chest Points?

Every 20,000 in Treasure Chest points is good for $50 in FREE SLOT PLAY. Points redeemed for FREE SLOT PLAY must be redeemed in $50 increments.

Is there a catalog of Treasure Chest merchandise available?

Yes, you can browse the catalog on-line from the convenience of your home or at a kiosk located adjacent to the Players Club desk. Although you can browse on-line anywhere, you still must redeem your selections by visiting the TI Players Club.

What do I need to redeem by Treasure Chest points?

Bring your list of items that you'd like to redeem along with the product item numbers to expedite your redemption. You can generate a list of items using the kiosk adjacent to the club booth. You will need your TI Players Club card and valid photo identification in order to redeem your Treasure Chest points.

How are points displayed for a linked account?

If you are a linked account, the balance you is the TOTAL combined balance of the two linked accounts. Either account can redeem from the combined balance as long as they have a valid photo ID.

Can I redeem points for a linked account?

Yes, Treasure Chest point balances are combined among linked accounts. Either account can redeem from the combined balance as long as they have a valid photo ID.

Can I place my order from home?

No, orders must be placed in-person at the TI Players Club. However, you can browse the catalog from home in order to plan your redemptions.

Can I combine gift points, or give points to someone?

No, unless accounts are linked, guests can not combine points.

Is there a charge for shipping?

Shipping is included with in the contiguous United States. Items shipped to Alaska and Hawaii will incur a 5,000 point per item charge for shipping.

Can I get Treasure Chest gifts shipped internationally?

We are only able to ship to the United States at this time. Guests that live outside this area may still redeem their Treasure Chest points for FREE SLOT PLAY.

Can we ship to PO Boxes?

No, the address must be a physical street address.

Who should guests contact with questions on their order once it's placed?

Please call 866.599.4066 Mon – Fri 9am – 530pm EST for questions about the progress of their order. Questions on point balances, FSP, or other general program details can be answered by TI Players Club or Casino Marketing at 800.944.3777.